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Read what our clients have to say about Topnotch K9:

"Melvin & I want to thank you for all you've done for us. Our confidence in each other & new situations continues to grow. Melvin is my heart and seeing him happy again has been a blessing. We are not 'done' working by any means, but we now have the appropriate tools for a better future."
Liza M.

Harlan has the ability to adjust his teaching approach to meet the needs of the individual dog.  All dogs in our class show continued improvement each week.  Harlan does a wonderful job of keeping the dogs motivated.  His class is among some of the best I have taken with my dogs.  I have no hesitation recommending him. 

 Allison B.

Harlan makes the class fun for the dogs and the handlers. He knows every dog is unique, he provides each handler with individual training recommendations for the success of our dogs and us as handlers. Each week Madigan and I look forward to our odor recognition class thanks to Harlan. We look forward to the next step.

Denise K.

Harlan was also sensitive the humans in class. He acknowledged the fact that some people in class may desire to simply enjoy the game with their dogs, while others may aspire to advance competition. He never made either seem better or worse, he simply encouraged everyone to have fun with their dogs, while also having fun themselves.  

If I were asked to rate the class content and Harlan’s presentation on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give all 10’s. I look forward to continuing with Harlan’s next  2 classes, and then hope to participate in proofing activities with him.

Cindy M.

I just wanted to reach out and thank you and Harlan for your time and  knowledge throughout the duration of puppy class. I learned so much from you both and I appreciate how aware you were at all times in regards to the relationship between dog/owner to ensure we weren't giving any mixed signals, to prevent us from  reinforcing bad behavior, and the knowledge to teach us the process of shaping.  If you ever decide to feature any dog training in the West Chicago area or have a fitting class on a weekend where I can come out to you, I'll be first in line.  Thank you again!

Lindsay G.